December 2, 2009

where i left off...

i survived! i made it through another Black Friday, or as I like to call it, "DoomsDay." i wont lie, my week was pretty crazy, like i told ya it would be. but, the actual black friday, wasn't as bad as i expected. we were very busy, which was good, but i was never overwhelmed. i guess i'm just adjusting to it. i'm glad its in the past though...

i was a little dissapointed in our thanksgiving tailgate. it seemed unorganized and like no one was really into it. i always have such high expectations, especially when i go out of my way to plan it. i guess i just need to relax a little. it was fun, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't what i had hoped for.

the group at our thanksgiving tailgate (i look goofball)

what else is going on?

-this morning it snowed in dallas. thats right, SNOWED! it was crazy. it wasn't just flurries either, it was straight snow! that was a fun surprise to wake up to.

-i got to open my first christmas present yesterday. this is the one that has been sitting so pretty in my house for about a month now. it was from my inlaws, aka Santa. its something i've been wanting, and am so excited about using this holiday. the reindeer plates and napkins from Pottery Barn. See this post for more details and a picture!

-Tiger Woods is not as clean cut as we all thought. I, personally, am secretly happy about this. I'm not really a Tiger fan, and I knew there had to be some skeletons hiding in his closet. Boy were they! 3 affairs at once...DANG! Boy's been B-U-S-Y! I hate if for his wife and children, and that cute little labradoodle, but i could have called this one.

-Whats with these people that were/were not invited to the State Dinner at the White House? Why are they getting so much publicity? Why is this "ruining their lives?" Is there not more important news in the world? Someone didn't do their job correctly, fire them, and lets get over it! :)

-tomorrow is my first "real" day off in about 10 days. i am super excited! although, i have a list of things to do, it will be nice to be away for a minute. probably gonna pull out some of the christmas stuff, and thats happy! plus i'm gonna try and finish my christmas shopping!

see ya soon!

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