December 23, 2009


usually around Christmas time, birthdays, or any time you need to purchase a gift for someone, you try to come up with a gift that they will truly like. something meaningful. something maybe that they collect or that is a hobby of theirs. so, i always start to wonder... what do people think of when they want to purchase me gifts?

thinking.... thinking... uhhhh... oh yea! no.... hmmm... thats right nothing comes to mind.

i've decided that i need a collection. everyone needs something they collect for Christmas time, right? well, i really love unique ornaments. i've tried (and haven't been too successful) at purchasing ornaments when bill and i go places together. it does help if you actually go places. we'll work on that later. i want to collect ornaments for different phases of our lives together. ya know, to tell our story. right there on our Christmas tree. good idea! if you need ideas, i really like the Merck Family's Old World ornaments. Beautiful.

ok, here's another idea... Salt and Pepper shakers. i actually have a pretty good collection going already. i think they are so fun! you don't even have to use them, just set em out on different occasions to look cute. i always though it would be cool to have one of those hutches with the glass doors with a collection of something in. another good idea. check out the Salt and Pepper Shaker museum.

one more. pigs. i think they are so cute. maybe it has something to do with my obsession with my razorbacks? now, i don't necessarily want pig or pig-like things all around my house, but ya know some unique thing that makes you think, "allison would love this," that would be nice.

now, if you really want to go all out, i would love a true collection of cowboy boots. everyone needs at least one good, nice, true pair of cboots in their closet. but in my case, i mean you could have a pair for every day of the week. LOVE these Arkansas boots.

so now you know what to get me, if your every in a bind and you know i will love it! gosh, i feel like i'm always telling people what gifts then need to get me... i promise i'm not greedy.

tomorrow is Christmas eve, yall! can you believe it? i made it through the holiday season, with only a few minor breakdowns, and hardly any angry customers. yeah! here's to a very Merry Christmas to you all!

Love you mean it!

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