December 9, 2009

tis the season

i want to apologize to all my blog followers, all 7 of you, for the lack of posts lately. just haven't been in the blogging mood much. to tell the truth, i've been pretty busy. busy at work, busy christmas shopping, busy trying to rest/take a breath when possible. i am very thankful, though, that i have felt more of the christmas spirit this season, than last. thank goodness, because it gets really tough the closer we get to the big day. i solely blame this on the fact that i work in retail. i digress...

what is it about christmas decorations that make your home feel so cozy? all the little twinkly lights, and shiny ornaments. bill also surprised me last saturday by hanging lights on our trees outside while i was at work. its so happy! i'm pretty satisfied with our tree this year, other than the fact that we now have 10 foot ceilings in our home and our 6 1/2 foot christmas tree looks a little dwarf-like. still love it though. here is a pic of our little tree.

don't worry... there are plenty of presents under there now. none with my name on it yet. (bill you better get on that)

we've got a lot to look forward to in the next couple weeks. the boys are back in town this sunday. they play the chargers. we've got a tough december ahead of us, and our track record has never been the best for december. right now we're tied for first in the NFC east with Philly. we (i say "we" like I'm on the team or something) have to win this one if we want a sure shot at the playoffs. on the 21st we'll be attending our second Cowboys Christmas party. this is the event that everyone waits for. can't wait! hopefully i can get some great pics to share with everyone. then its christmas! we'll spend christmas eve and christmas morning with my dad and step mom. then, bills family will be coming in christmas day afternoon and we'll have christmas dinner with them at our house.

i hope everyone enjoys this Christmas season. Don't get wrapped up in the shopping and stress, and remember, as cliche as it sounds, the reason for the season. Happy Holidays Yall!

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