November 22, 2009

thanksgiving is really this week?

hi all. well, i wanted to go ahead and get my blog post in for the week, because its gonna be a crazy one! Black Friday is looming over our heads. It really stinks, because I want to enjoy the holidays, but its so hard because all I can think about is the chaos and stress that comes with working in retail. But, I keep a smile on my face and push through it, and try to enjoy it as much as I can. I know... sounds so depressing.

here's what this week is shaping up to... work (consisting of making schedules, payroll, making "gift item" sections, replenishing everything, making up contests, going to the bank, so on) meeting with my employees to get them mentally prepared for whats to come. i've committed myself to making the cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie for our family get together wednesday night. not sure why i do this, maybe because i really do enjoy cooking, and i want to help out, but pumpkin pie? really? i'm not even sure i can make pumpkin pie. i'm not much of a baker. so then, i've also committed myself to being the organizer for the tailgate on thanksgiving day for the cowboys game. i'm not getting my feedback from people that are wanting to attend, or not able to attend, so i really have no clue how that will turn out. but bill and i will be there, so hopefully we'll have company. then its doomsday. thats right, Black Friday. Lord. Have. Mercy. we open at 6am. so, bright and early, i'll be there ready for those crazy shoppers who think they can get an amazing deal because they've been waiting in line since midnight. i never in my life have been shopping on the day after thanksgiving. this is a day i spent with family, isn't that the whole reason for the holiday? people need to get their priorities straight...but by all means, bring it on! then its work all weekend.

so, there ya have my week ahead. i am not asking for pity, mostly just a prayer. i've had one minor breakdown already, and i can pretty much foresee another one come thursday around noon. ha! i've also been feeling a little homesick lately. it just kills me that we can't spend more time with family around the holidays. plus, the BFF was in Dallas this weekend with her hubby b/c they got last minute tickets to the Cowboys game today. when we left the parking lot, i had a sobfest because I really, really miss them. Its hard to spend time with friends and family, and get used to the feeling of being around them like old times, and how it would be if we were all in the same town, and then, poof, there gone again. ugh. maybe i'm just a little emotional this week. i should probably get over myself. :)

well, this was kind of a boring post, but wanted to keep everyone (as in all 5 people that read this blog) updated. I feel sorta bad, because this blog a lot of times turns into whats happening with Allison. maybe i should fill you in on the hubby. Bill is busy with work, as always. However, he has gotten to go on several hunting trips lately. Most recently he went to Kansas for the annual family and friends pheasant (or was it quail?) hunt. they had a good ole time. its mostly my dads cousins, and some of their friends and kids. i think it might have been a little cold for them this year. it actually snowed one night, which made for a quite miserable hunt the next day. He also has made the trip back to LR to help get the farm ready for pecan harvesting. the pecans are a big deal, and the job starts this week. i think this is one of bills favorite things to do. he loves spending time with his dad working out at the farm. i wish there were more days for things like that. he will be going home the Friday after thanksgiving to work and do some duck hunting. well, theres a little update on my good man for ya. :)

hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving! love.

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