August 4, 2009

life as a retail manager...

lets just go ahead and state the obvious...

1. working weekends
2. working holidays
3. working late

i'm chose to blog about this particular subject because today my store received 56 boxes of merchandise. i know alot of people reading this blog have, in fact, never seen my store, so i would like to paint a small picture. my store is one of the smaller stores of the company. this also means a very tiny backstock room. its not so much a room, but more of a hallway. maybe 4 feet wide and 15 feet long. small, right? so lets imagine again 56 boxes of shipment... got it in your head?

i am used to getting large shipments, sometimes more than one in a day. but you know its a whopper when the UPS truck backs up to your front door and the driver says "well, you gotta big one today!" instant overwhelment! (not a word, i know) anways, this was my day today. i got in at 1pm and started tackling the project. its one step at a time, starting with the easy first. i did not stop moving merchandise, unpacking, counting, standing, you name it, until 9:30pm. and i'm only halfway (maybe) done! still 24 boxes left to open. Lord have mercy!

the first big one is always the hardest. i have to remind myself constantly that i did it last year, i can do it better this year. the boys better have a good season! i do a lot for them, its time they started doing something for me.

ugh, i have to go to bed. i gotta get up early. lots to do before 10am and the store opens. peace.

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