August 27, 2009

we're sorta a big deal

so, last week bill and i got to enjoy the first football game at the new cowboys stadium. technically, the "inaugural game" is the first regular season game is the game against NY in a couple of weeks. but who's counting? we are really lucky we are even getting to enjoy such a privledge. thanks jerry! our seats are pretty amazing. here are some pics i took at the game. my camera doesn't have this great of a zoom, i took most of them from the video board. its gigantic, ya know?

demarcus ware

felix jones
jason witten

about to walk onto the field

bill and i from our seats

another exciting thing that has been going on is that i got a promotion. they have asked me to move to the store at Stonebriar mall. its a bigger store, with more inventory. i am a little nervous, but i'm sure it will be fun. they have really big expectations for me, so hopefully i can give them what they want. the change is supposed to happen next thursday, so be praying that things go smoothly.

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