October 17, 2011

weekend wrap up

Not a whole lot going on this past weekend. Just tried to enjoy being at home and not having much of a plan. Bill, however, has been gone on his annual golf trip with some friends from AR. They go to different golf courses on the Robert Trent Jones golf trail. They play 2 rounds a day, eat dinner, then travel to their next destination.

Friday night was girls night out. I went out with some friends to Gloria's. After 10pm at this restaurant, it turns into a salsa club. We stayed around to watch and participate (mostly involuntarily). Girls nights are always fun!

While he was away, my dad and I decided to go to the SMU football game on Saturday. It is so strange to me that this university is in the middle of a big city. Having gone to UofA, a college in a small city in the northwest corner of Arkansas, is in what you call a "college town." The whole town revolves around the university. You get treated different there. You get treated like a student, not just another person trying to make it in a big city. Don't get me wrong, SMU is a great school, on a fabulous campus, and in a great city. I just prefer the "small town" feel that my university had.

Now you want to talk about different, going to this football game was WAY different than attending an SEC game. The stadium was small, and the stands were not full. I couldn't figure out where the student section was until the second qtr. We sat in the 17th row on the 40 yard line, coveted seats at an AR game, for less than $40. We had room to stretch out our legs, no one sitting next to us, and a clear view of the field. So as much as we commented on the differences between this and that, we had a great time. It was super hot out, so we didn't end up staying the entire time. But we enjoyed brunch together before hand at Breadwinners, one of my favorite places. Checked out the merch at the bookstore, and enjoyed our favorite sport together. SMU won, if you were wondering.

Saturday night the Rangers played. As you saw in my previous post, they won the ALCS! It is a super exciting time in Texas and for the Rangers going back to the world series. Game 1 is on Wednesday in St. Louis.

Sunday I spent most of the morning cleaning and getting things put away. I ran a few errands and gave myself enough time to lay out a little before the Cowboys game started. I know you're thinking, lay out? Yes, here in TX it was almost 90 degrees on Sunday, so I took full advantage to get a little sun before it turns wintry. Then I watched the Cowboys game. Now, looking back I should have kept laying out, because the game was so disappointing. We lost in the last 2 minutes of the game. I can't even talk about it, it frustrates me so much.

So, that is my eventful, uneventful weekend. Bill and I are looking forward to another weekend at home this week. The Razorbacks play in Oxford and the Cowboys play here. I'm feeling crafty again, so I might take on another project! Stay tuned...

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