October 16, 2011

3rd Annual Pig N' Gig

I hate being behind on the blog. Things just are non-stop these days. Between Cowboys games, and traveling to Fayetteville for Razorback games, and everything in between, there just isn't much time for blogging. Not to mention, our Internet has been acting up lately. So here we go, I'm going to try and catch up on some blog worthy things that have happened lately.

A couple weeks ago, we hosted the 3rd annual Pig N'Gig tailgate before the Southwest Classic matchup between the Razorbacks and Texas A&M. Things got started the Friday night before. Michelle and Larry showed up early afternoon and we headed to the stadium to go on a tour. We ended the tour by walking on the field and got to take some pics on the Arkansas endzone. I don't know how to rotate pics, so here is my pic on the "A" in the endzone.

Carla and her sister Johanna got in late Friday night. We all went to bed pretty early since we were headed out early the next morning to get to the tailgate. We backed out of the driveway to head to the stadium at 6:50am! Once everything was set-up, people started showing up and the party got started. Now, of course, things didn't get as rowdy as they would if we didn't have an 11am kickoff, but we made the most of it. We had sausage balls, fruit, muffins, brisket breakfast tacos, John Daly's, and much more.

Me and my cuz. We missed his friend Chance, who typically finishes out the Razorback sandwich.

The entire Pig N'Gig host committee. My aunt, uncle, cousin, husband, step-mom, and Dad.

A new addition to the tailgate this year was Squares. You paid $1 a square, then we drew for the numbers. There was a halftime and final score winner. Congrats to JT, the overall winner!

Kelly, Priscilla, Amber, Me, & Emily Jean

Best friends a girl could as for...Meesh, Jo, & Car

Me and the Hubs with Boss Hog

The game started off a little dicey for the Hogs. Going into halftime, the Aggie's were up by 18 points. I did not have a good feeling in my stomach about the outcome of the game. I was preparing myself to put a smile on my face around Aggie fans after the game. But, after halftime, we made some major adjustments and came back to make a BIG WIN! That makes 3 in a row for the Hogs. Just another way to say, "welcome to the SEC" Ags!

Final score: Arkansas-42, Aggies-38

The Razorbacks receiving their trophy from Mr. Jones

Overall, it was a huge success. We were more prepared than ever this year. We had to deal with an unfortunate start time to the game, but given what the circumstances were, we still had a good turnout. We are already planning for next year, and could not be more excited that it will be a conference game!

Go Razorbacks!

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