June 3, 2010

state of mine

Bill and I live in Texas now, but when people ask me where I'm from, I'll always say Arkansas. Being that I was born and raised, and lived my first 22 years there, I'm pretty loyal to my home state. I recently stumbled across a website that sells "state" jewelry. I particularly like the necklaces that come in your state, and you can designate your hometown, and they will put a diamond where that city/town is on the charm. Here is a picture of a Texas charm.

How cute is that? I would love to have an Arkansas one and a Texas one. It would be fun to wear them together, and if God ever moves us anywhere else, I could get one of that state as well. Sort of a fun way to represent where you came from and where you've been. What a good conversation starter they would be, right?

The website I found only offers 14k gold ones, and I think I would prefer a sterling silver. None the less, they are cute and sorta quirky at the same time.

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