June 11, 2010

my thoughts on USC...

Dear Mitch Mustain & Damien Williams,

You leave Arkansas full of drama and what do you get at USC? More drama. You're coaches and administration have failed you. Actually you failed yourself. Mitch, you could of had a bright career as a quarterback at Arkansas and quite possibly could have had a slim shot at going pro. At least make a practice squad. Instead you keep the bench warm and watch your dreams pass you by. Maybe the AFL needs a quarterback?

Damien, you excelled at USC and you might still have a shot at stardom, but who looks at teams that don't make a bowl game? And that's sad, considering how many bowl games there are now. Too bad. It wouldn't surprise me if your family was living rent free though.

And Pete Carroll. Pete, Pete, Pete... Way to jump ship and abandon your team just before you know it's all gonna hit the fan. Looks like you and USC are full of liers and cheaters. What a great example to set for future students. And those poor recruits, if they only knew.

Karma sucks doesn't it?

Oh, and Layne Kiffin, you should have stayed in Gods conference a little longer. The SEC will always be the best!

Best of luck at the bottom,

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