June 3, 2010

coconut cream cake

i'm not much of a baker. i seem to burn the slice and bake cookies every time. maybe i just don't have enough practice? none the less, i tried my hand at it this week by making a coconut cream cake. bill loves coconut cream pie, but i'm not too big on the coconut and meringue, so i thought maybe this would be a compromise. i found a recipe for coconut cream cake on foodnetwork.com from emeril lagasse. wowza, was it a hit! yes, it was a process making homemade cake batter and frosting, but sooo worth it. this cake embodies just about everything bill loves in a dessert: cake, sweets, coconut, and pecans.

i'm bad at remembering to be all "pioneer woman" when i'm cooking and taking pictures of each step. so, i don't have a picture of the finished product, but trust me when i saw its awesome!

here's the link to the recipe: Coconut Cream Cake. so, if you like coconut, but not an overwhelming amount of it, this cake is for you. the pecans add a little extra to the cake as well. it would probably be tasty to toast the coconut before putting it into the cake too. look at me getting all fancy! the only change i would make is in the icing. it calls for pecan pieces, but i would probably omit or chop them up next time.

i'm gonna go get me a slice....

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