June 24, 2010

fried pies

i've been thinking a lot lately how much i miss my grandmother Allison's fried pies. no one, and i mean NO ONE could make them like her. the apricot ones were the best. flaky crust with a hot sugary fruit center. melt. in. your. mouth. the sad part about it is, no one has the recipe. thats how it was with all the good things my grandmother made. she knew them all by heart and never used a recipe. fried pies, mini blueberry muffins, fried catfish... oh wait that was Nick's BBQ in Carlisle, AR. she took me there everyday when i was left to spend a week with her. shhh! don't tell my mom.

anyways... i can remember making them with her. she would always let me be the one to press the seams together with a fork. ugh, my mouth is watering. i think i'm going to have to go on a mission to figure out how to make them. there are tons of recipes out there, and my mother and i have tried to make them before. but, its all in the crust. no one makes crust like my g-ma did. so, i might just have to develop a little test kitchen of my own, and try to find the closest thing to it.

i know my Gram would be so proud if i made these delicious pieces of heaven in her honor. miss and love you Gram!

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