November 4, 2009

party in the USA!

Happy Halloween, all! Halloween really sorta snuck up on us this year. We waited, and waited to see if the Cowboys would have their costume party, but no such luck. Boo! It was so much fun last year. If you haven't seen the pics from last year you should definitely check 'em out on my Facebook. So, we decided we would go out with some friends we met at a Razorback watch party, and we decided to go as Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus. I really wanted to be Hannah Montana instead, but the last minute decision to dress up, and not wanting to spend money on a costume, I went with what I had. Bill really looked the part with his mullet wig, cut off shirt, and necklaces. (This is more of the "Don't break my heart" Billy Ray) He put this bandanna around his head and started looking more like Brett Michaels, but oh well. We had a good time with our new friends, including the 2am trip to Ihop. Here are some pics from the weekend...

Miley & Billy Ray

Edward & Billy Ray

"Don't break my heart... my achy breaky heart!"

Hermione & Miley
With Halloween in the books, naturally its time to start thinking about Thanksgiving. Well, not the malls! All the Christmas decorations are up in our mall, including Santa's chair, where pictures with Santa will begin this Saturday! Do you think we might be jumpin' the gun a little? I refuse to put Christmas up in my store until at least mid November, and not in my house until AFTER Thanksgiving!
Speaking of Christmas... I got my first gift this week. Its from my in-laws, but the catch is, I'm not allowed to open it until December 1st. Your thinking, "you still get to open it waaay before Christmas." All true. But, the present is just sitting there, all pretty with red paper and a white bow. Technically speaking, there are 2 presents in one. The special kind where the bigger one is on the bottom and tied to it is the smaller one on top. I might have to put it in a closet somewhere, so it doesn't tempt me... Don't worry Lynne, Bill keeps a close eye on me!

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