November 12, 2009


I know this is something that has been on the hearts of many, not only in Arkansas, but around the country. Anne Pressly was a news anchor in Little Rock, AR and a little over a year ago she was brutally attacked and raped in her own home. She fought a good fight, but passed away a couple weeks later, never waking up. For anyone that knew Anne, or didn't know Anne, just watched her on TV, they knew her sweet spirit, her beautiful smile, and her glowing personality. Her death rocked the community, and even made waves across the country. Her story made headlines all around America, from Good Morning America to Fox News. It put fear in many, really because it was so unbelievable. How could this happen in a good neighborhood, in a small town, to such a wonderful person? Questions that will probably never be answered.

The past 2 weeks they have been holding trial for the man that allegedly killed her. Curtis Lavelle Vance. With a track record of raping another woman in another city, they found his DNA on Anne's body. Pretty good evidence there. He was found guilty on all 3 counts: Burglary, Rape, Murder. Tonight he was sentenced to 2 life sentences without parole. For her close friends and family, this brings justice, but it will never bring their sweet Anne back.

We are all thankful that God has His hand in this. This man will be judged one day, not here on earth, but by His maker. And that judgement will far outweigh any punishment he receives here. Everyone knows Anne is in a better place, and that she is probably singing some crazy song and acting goofy, because that's who Anne was.

Here you can follow Anne's trial and read articles dating back to her attack. But, be sure and check out the pictures and videos they did as a tribute to her life. Those are the times we should remember of Anne Pressly.

Everyone misses you Anne. We're glad to see justice was served today, and we'll continue to remember the good times we had the short time you were here.

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