April 27, 2010

sunday funday

i heart sundays.
that is typically my consistent day off from work, and nothing gives me more joy. i know its a day i get to spend with the hubby going to church, running errands, doing something fun and adventurous, or just lay around the house.
this past sunday we met my friend, and manager of the Galleria Cowboys store, and her boyfriend who is on leave from Iraq, for brunch. we went to Nick & Sam's grill in Uptown. I love uptown. lots of cute shops and fun restaurants. its very hip dog (as my father in law would say). bill and I don't get over there much, its sorta out of the way for us. but on the occasion we venture over there when we want to explore something new. anyways, we went there for brunch. it was super yummy, not to mention on Sundays they have $6 bottomless mimosas. oooooweee! another couple, that are friends with Lori came as well. good times were had and i think brunch might be my favorite meal.
the patio at Nick & Sams
that took up most of the morning and afternoon. its a popular place, and i'm lucky that i got bill to wait that long. waiting at restaurants does NOT run in the family. :) after brunch we came home to do some household chores. bill decided he wanted to get started on restoring my grandparents patio furniture. its super cute and retro looking. it just needs a new coat of paint. but in order to do that, we have to strip off the layers and layers of old paint. my g-pa painted it every summer a new color. so its been fun seeing all the old colors underneath. like lime green and bright yellow! meanwhile, i washed both cars. adios pollen!
later that night, we met back up with the crew we had been with to watch the Mavericks vs. Spurs game. we went over to Lori's friends apartment. they live at Cirque loft apartments in uptown. its right next to the American Airlines Center. these apartments are so swanky. it felt more like a hotel. they have an A-Mazing view of the Dallas skyline! i was blown away. it was fun for a night, but i'll stick to suburbia.
this is sorta what their view looks like. its beautiful at night.
unfortunately the Mavs lost. and we were in company with all Spurs fans. boo! its the playoffs, so no elimination yet. they've got to win tonight, and it looks like thats gonna happen. lets go mavs!

managers meetings at the new corporate offices Wednesday and Thursday. spending the night at the Gaylor Texan. should be fun.

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