April 11, 2010

final farewell

today we said a final farewell to Texas Stadium. for 37 years the Dallas Cowboys called it home, and this morning, in less than 1 minute, it was gone. i admit, i shed a little tear watching the stadium come down. i know i am not a long time, die hard fan, like many others. but, working for the team the past 2 years, i've become a loyal fan, and watching a place that once was so magnificent come down like dominoes, got me a little misty eyed.

in the one season i got to enjoy attending games there, lots of memories were made. my first ever NFL game, my first Cowboy's game, final season at texas stadium, final game at texas stadium, getting to go in the locker room and stand on the famous star at the company christmas party.

if you haven't seen video of the implosions check out wfaa.com.

there was only one glitch during the implosion. 3 of the largest pillars leaned, but did not fall completely. maybe it was texas stadium's way of holding on to a few of the biggest memories it holds. 3 Super Bowls won while the team was playing under its roof.

texas stadium was such a huge icon in dallas. it sure will be weird to drive down the interstate and not see that big dome with the hole in the roof...

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