February 22, 2010

valentines day

a few pics to brag on my husband for giving me such a special valentines day this year...

i woke up to a cute balloon and 12 beautiful red roses.
only my husband would get a balloon that says, "you got me roped valentine!"

it was NBA All-Star weekend in Dallas, so instead of fighting crowds at fancy restaurants, even if we were lucky enough to get a reservation, Bill decided to cook me dinner. he didn't let me help at all, other than the occasional, "where is this ingredient?" and "what does it mean when the recipe says...?" i'll admit i was a little skeptical but....

this is how it turned out! wonderful! he made meatballs with a sweet and sour type sauce over a bed of rice and onion rolls. something i would probably never think about making, and he did great!

overall, we had a great valentines weekend. i'm so thankful for such a wonderful, loving husband!

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