February 12, 2010


i think everyone knows by now that jcrew is one of my favorite stores to shop in. you will not find a lot of jcrew clothing in my closet, however, because its a tad on the expensive side. since i don't dress up for work everyday, i just cant justify purchasing a lot from there, because i would really hardly wear it. there's nothing wrong with lookin' though, right?

i have had my eye on this jacket since about the beginning of December. i think it is just adorable. i think this would be the perfect jacket for someone like me. since i'm tall, i can get away with the length of the jacket. and i love the belted tie, that creates separation and gives you more of a figure. this way you don't look like a long tootsie roll/marshmallow. its cute, its comfortable, its functional. now, we live in texas which, again, doesn't really justify the need to have a warm, heavy, jacket. so, here are my top 3 reasons for wanting or wishing for it...

1) we do a lot of tailgating, whether it be Cowboys games or Arkansas games. We enjoy a fun tailgate, and sometimes those tailgates can get pretty chilly. So, it would be really nice to have a warm, yet flattering jacket.
2)Since the whole global warming thing has gone to crap, and we've had one of the coldest winters in a long time (hence the biggest snow storm in Dallas history this week) i believe you can never be too prepared. Therefor, you need a warm coat.
3)Finally, you never know when you might get invited on a ski trip, make a trip to Chicago or NYC, or ya know, go to New Zealand or something.

Unfortunately these still aren't enough to actually convince myself to pay full price for it. So, I will keep checking jcrew.com everyday until it finally goes on sale, then just maybe i'll make the purchase. until then...

*snow pics are coming soon!
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