January 31, 2010

4 day weekend

what a wonderful weekend we had here. i have been off the past 4 days from work, finally taking my Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday. originally the plan was to visit my friends in Fayetteville. well, that all went down the drain when some wintry weather moved in. it really put a damper on my spirits, because i was so looking forward to this trip for several reasons... i was going to get to spend time with my 3 best friends all at once. i was going to get to go to Fayetteville (where University of Arkansas is, and where I went to college for those that may not know). i have only been to visit Fay. one time since i've graduated. that is SO sad! so, its been over 2 years since i've been. lastly, i was looking forward to seeing my name on the sidewalk. everyone that graduates gets their name on the sidewalk on campus, and i have not seen mine yet! HUGE bummer. i wasn't about to risk my life on the roads though, and the weatherman didn't disappoint this time. basically all of arkansas got it bad. snow and ice. on to plan B.

So, i just stayed in Dallas and got to spend some quality time with the husband. we had a good weekend. Friday night we had our usual tradition of Fat Clothes Friday over at my dads. we enjoyed a big pancake breakfast and watched the 20/20 story on John Edwards. i know this sounds super boring, but actually it wasn't. i had no idea this man was such a whore! excuse my language. but really. did anyone else watch this? crazy! if you didn't see the story, or if you have no idea what i'm talking about, i recommend you do yourself a favor and brush up on your politics. praise the lord he didn't become the leader of our country! i digress...

SATURDAY! my first saturday off since august! woo hoo! i slept in, of course, then bill and i decided we didn't want to just sit around all day, even though it was super cold outside. there was a place i had been wanting to try so we got dressed and headed out for an adventure.

the place we went to is called Bread Winners Bakery. there are actually 4 different locations across the metroplex. we went to the one in Inwood Village, a cute little shopping center at Lover's Lane and Inwood Road. one word for this place... aaahhh-mazing! we did have to wait a little bit, for the obvious reason that we were not the 1st to realize its greatness. bill had chicken fried steak and eggs, and i had Monterrey enchiladas. i really wanted to splurge and get a mimosa, because you got your own little bottle of champagne, but it was $10 and i just didn't see any good in a $10 mimosa. but, it was sooo cute! i was really tempted by the bakery too. lots of goodlooking cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. this is definitely a place i will frequent.

next, bill decided he wanted to use up a few gift cards he had. so we went to Jos.A.Banks and he got a new pair of dress shoes. Then, we headed over to The Shops at Willow Bend so check out the Brooks Brothers store. There he got a new belt to match the new shoes. Willow Bend mall is also where Anthropologie is, so of course, we had to stop by there. I couldn't hold bills attention very long in there, so i just breezed through and we were outta there. soooo many cute things though. i'll be going back.

after a little rest at home, and a quick workout for bill, we decided it would be a good night to catch a movie. i had been wanting to see Up In The Air, so we decided to go to Studio Movie Grill. we love this place because you can get dinner there too. we split a pizza, had a couple beers, and shared some popcorn. they have the best popcorn, and its only $3! you get way more than at a regular movie theater, and you get a cup of warm butter to pour on it! yummm!

this morning, bill was still not feeling well. he's got a cold, and it just wont go away. so i decided to make some breakfast. i saw a recipe on a friends blog for this blueberry bread thingy, and thought it looked pretty tasty. http://kendallandkeith.blogspot.com/2010/01/blueberry-breakfast.html. there is the link to the recipe. mine did not turn out at pretty as hers, but definitely (i'm assuming) just as tasty. Bill at about half of it! we've really just been pretty lazy. i worked on my photo albums, picked up the house, did some laundry, and now i'm working on planning our anniversary trip. we are taking a trip through the Texas Hill Country. I'm working on all our little stops and where to stay, shop, and eat! hopefully we'll be bringing home lots of pictures like this one, of pretty bluebonnets. they are the native wildflower to texas, and very predominant in the hill country.

ok, well this post got sorta long... its back to work for me tomorrow. boo! hope everyone has a wonderful week, and a happy grammy/pro bowl watching night!

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