January 26, 2010

Code 58

bill and i have decided that to make a little extra money we would like to pick up some of the special cleaning jobs through his company. so, last week bill got a call from a tv production company based out of dallas. they are shooting a new tv show for fox right here in dallas! they needed someone to come out asap to clean their floors and lay a coat of wax. TEAM BILL & AL TO THE RESCUE!

the set is at the fairgrounds. its actually really cool. i've never been on a tv set before. its set up like a police station. here are some pics i took...
there were jail cells and everything!

so we got started at 8pm. the place was pretty dirty. they built this entire set in 2 weeks. there were cameras, tons of cable, lights, and any type of film equipment you could think of. we were there by ourselves, other than larry the security guy. so we got to sweepin', moppin', vacuuming, scrubbing, buffing, waxing. it was some hard work, let me tell ya. i was worn out! we both were. we left at 3am!!! shew! bill and i were both pooped. it didn't take us long to fall asleep at all.

all the tiredness aside, we had a fun time (well i can't speak for bill). but it was something we did together, and we worked as a team. i enjoyed it, but i wouldn't/couldn't do it everyday.

so, everybody be looking for a new show on fox this fall (i think) called Code 58!

while we're on the tv subject... there is another show being taped here right now called The Deep End. Its a new show on ABC, comes on before Greys Anatomy. Its set in LA, but filmed in Las Colinas (Irving). On the first episode they were at the bar in the W hotel. so exciting and fun that these things go on in your own home town. i'm setting out to be an extra, anyone want to join me?

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