January 10, 2010


you only thought football season was over. well, not for the Dallas Cowboys! Last Sunday the 'Boys shutout the Philadelphia Eagles to clench the NFC East Division Championship! Not to mention a home wildcard game for the 1st round of the playoffs. Bill and I were lucky enough to be at the game. This was the only pic I took...
We received NFC East Championship merchandise in the store Monday morning! They started printing t-shirts and hats as soon as the game ended and printed throughout the night. They began delivering at 4am! I had people calling me before the store was open, wanting the new hat! The 1st playoff game was set for the following Saturday, once again, against the Eagles. Now, many people believe that it is impossible to beat the same team 3 times in one season. We beat them at home early in the season, and then again for the last game. Huge game on the line, i tell ya! If we lose we're 1-and-done. If we win, we end a 12 season playoff drought, and move on to play the Vikings in round 2.
I had to work all day Saturday. So, when I got off work i rushed home, changed, and we raced to the stadium. Once we parked, we literally ran to get inside. One, because it was freezing. Two, because we didn't want to miss one second of the game! We made it right before the National Anthem! :)
We were in such a hurry to leave that Bill forgot to put his jersey on over his tshirt! Oops!


Felix Jones had an amazing game. He had his 1st 100+ yard rushing game. He was also the MVP!

Guess what? We won! It was an amazing game. Some would call it a 3-peat! We dominated the Eagles this season. Our defense was lights out amazing. So now we're headed to Minnesota to play Brett Favre and the Vikings. It will be tough, but I have no doubt that we can win. Nothing is gonna stop this team! If superstisions have anything to do with it... The Cowboys won their 1st superbowl when they mvoed to their new stadium, Texas Stadium. Now its the 1st year at our new stadium, Cowboys stadium. SUPERBOWL HERE WE COME! I can just feel it!

In other news... Mom and Mark were here this weekend. We finally got to celebrate Christmas! Bill and I both got some good things. Bill got a Arkansas Razorback grill cover. I got a cookbook and this really cool Razorback silicone baking dish! It was fun to have family here again.

Today we spent the day cleaning up, taking down Christmas decorations (finally), and just getting rest before a big week. I'm sure we'll be really busy at the store!

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