May 24, 2010

wedding weekend

this past weekend Bill and I were back in Little Rock for a wedding weekend extravaganza! well, technically, i'm the only one who attended the wedding events. Bill just enjoyed the weekend in LR.

1st up was a bridal shower for Laura Allen. She is a friend from high schools fiance. She is from Austin, so they had a bridal shower in LR for all of Blake's friends and family. It was a very nice shower, and so nice to meet the bride to be. They will be getting married in Austin in July, and we are looking forward to attending the wedding.

After lunch with mom and the BFF, I ran home to change clothes and head to the next event. This was a wedding for a friend that we used to attend church with when we lived in LR. Her daughter was getting married. It was a lovely wedding and so good to see all our old church friends. We miss them dearly.

After that, I went home to rest for a bit, and get ready for the 2nd wedding. This wedding was for one of my very dear friends, Ashley Gibbs. Ashley and I have been friends since the 4th grade. We spent a lot of time together when we were younger... carpooling, cheering, making up dances, and just being goofballs. The wedding was at Wildwood Performing Arts Center. This place is out in the country, surrounded by nature. They even have a butterfly garden there. Its a beautiful place. It was lots of fun seeing old friends, and spending time with the besties.

Here are a couple pics from the wedding...

Michelle, Carla, Ashley, & Me

Eric, Me, Meesh, Carla, Kim, & Spencer

I told Bill going into this weekend, that I didn't mind if he didn't attend the weddings with me. As much as I enjoy being with the hubby, and want him by my side at events to show him off, it was good being able to hang out with old friends and not worry about him feeling left out. I know he was disappointed he didn't go with me (sarcasm). He enjoyed his weekend by meeting and working out with his triathlon coach, playing golf, and having dinner with his best friend.

Now, I'm looking forward to next weekend so much I can hardly stand it! Lori and Trevor are coming to spend the weekend with us. Some other friends are coming as well. We're going to a concert, Six Flags, maybe Billy Bobs, and celebrating Lori and Trev's anniversary!

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