May 18, 2010

happy birthday bill

last week Bill celebrated his 27th birthday! let me back up to the week before though...

i decided waaaay back before Christmas that I wanted to get Bill a new leather chair for his birthday. the one we had was getting a little too worn in. bill loves that chair, so i had to be careful not to change something he wasn't ready for. i tip-toed around the subject a couple of times, just to feel out the possibility of getting a new chair. he seemed alright with it, as long as it met a few of his requirements. so, i started saving up my money (that was tough).

bill went home to Little Rock the weekend before his b-day, so i took that as my opportunity to search for the perfect chair. Dad and I decided to go to The Dump. Such a fun place, and no, not a literal dump. They sell brand name furniture 30-70% off. So off we go. The very first one we found, ended up being the one we chose. I liked it for a few reasons. 1)It was a lighter leather than our previous one. The room was getting a little weighed down by the dark furniture. 2)Our previous chair had an ottoman, and it really took up a lot of room. This chair is a recliner, but its NO Lay-Z-Boy! You can't even tell it reclines just looking at it. 3)It was contemporary looking, but still traditional. Wrap it up, we'll take it! So we moved the old out, and the new in. I stuck a big bow on it, and surprised Bill when he walked in the door from his long drive. He was completely shocked. Brownie points to Allison!

The New Chair!

Bill decided that he would like to go to the Texas Rangers game on his birthday. So, we bought the $12 tickets and made our way to The Ballpark. It also just happened to be $1 hot dog night! Score! It was a great night too. Double back to back home runs, a win against the A's, and it puts the Rangers 1st place in the ALWest.

View from our seats

Birthday boy
i think Bill had a wonderful birthday. i didn't make a cake for him, and i sorta felt bad. but he assured me the cake his momma made him the weekend before would suffice.
love you bill! happy birthday! you're getting old...

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