March 25, 2010

under the weather

the allergy/cold bug has hit the Davis household. Bill got it last week, and now I've got it. they have been saying the pollen counts, and all other counts that cause people with allergies, and even people without allergies, to go completely haywire. Bill is feeling all better, and I'm getting there, thanks to staying home from work today. got to cuddle with my puppy and just lay around the house. it was nice. haven't done that in a long time. too bad i was sick...

well, Bill and I had a nice weekend. We got to spend it with his mom and sister. it was his sister, Isabelle's spring break. they wanted to come see us and more importantly, go shopping. luckily, i could take a couple days off work to go with them. it was fun to just go shopping with no agenda. haven't done that in a long time either. too bad i didn't have more money to spend, but it was still fun to look at all the cute things. and there were a lot of cute things! of course, we didn't even scratch the surface of what DFDub has to offer, as far as shopping goes. but, there will be other times. i did come away with a cute new ruffled top, a Polo t-shirt, and some work out pants. exciting, i know.

i also received a special pizey* from the fam upon arrival! (*pizey is a word used in my husbands family for the word "gift", they have lots of special words that i've had to learn over the years. i also use them in normal day-to-day conversation now too.) anyways... they got me a Fossil watch i've been wanting.

isn't it cute? bills mom and sis have one just like it. ha! so were all twinkies. i love it!

this week has gone by fast, can't believe tomorrow is friday already. i hope everyone has a great weekend, looks like we will have beautiful weather. maybe i can convince bill to go to the arboretum. keep your fingers crossed.

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