March 18, 2010

fight night

once again, working for the Cowboys has its perks. we were offered up to 4 free tickets to the Pacquiao vs. Clottey fight at the stadium. I really had no interest in the fight, but you can't pass up free, right? so, i went ahead and reserved 4. i didn't realize how big of a fight this was, and to be honest, i still don't. but, apparently it was a big deal. i always know when they start offering free tickets, the seats will be pretty decent, because those are the expensive ones they can't sell. jerry doesn't want his stadium looking empty on national tv. but honestly, we didn't know where are seats would be until we picked them up at will call. well, i was right. we weren't ringside, but pretty darn close. they had floor seats, then they built bleachers behind those before you got to the real seats on the 1st level.

i had to do some research on what you are supposed to wear to a professional fight. i mean, you see movies where people are wearing cocktail dresses and mink coats. i learned that you dress up more, the closer you are to the ring. so, i figured i could get a way with "club wear." it was fun getting all dressed up. of course, i carried my flip flops in my purse so i didn't have to walk a mile in my heals. its tough being a girl...

we, meaning me, the hubs, my dad and step-mom, had a great time. the under card fights started at 5pm. we got there around 6:30 and were able to see 5 under card fights. the main event started at 10:30. late!!! we didn't get out of there until after midnight. of course that meant a late night Dennys stop. here are some pics from Fight Night...

this is michael buffer, aka the "Let's Get Ready to Rumble!" guy.
might have been my favorite part. ha!

Pacquiao vs. Clottey

you can see Jerry Jones, his wife, Jimmy Johnson and his wife,
& Berry Switzer in the background.

waiting to see who won

Pacquiao wins!

all gussied up for the fight.
i love my necklace, even if it did weigh like 10 pounds.
I wonder what kinda free tickets we can get next?

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