July 14, 2010

Iron Brothers Tri

This past weekend Bill competed in his second triathlon. It happened to be the exact same length and at the exact same locations as the 1st one he did a month ago. My camera battery died, so unfortunately I didn't get many pictures. And, the ones I did take came out blurry because it was so humid outside!

Anyways, Bill did great! He wanted to beat his time from the 1st one, and he did! He finished in one hour, that's 3 minutes faster than last time. He's really been working hard and getting his weight down, eating healthy, and staying in shape. It payed off. He finished 4th in his age group and 49th out of 150 overall.

So proud of the hubby!

Bill crossing the finish line!

Lucy got to come this time! She loved playing with and sniffing the other doggies. And she enjoyed lots of pats on the head from people!

Coming up next... Waco Tri on July 25th. An Olympic length triathlon in Waco, TX.

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